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Hotel Blanca

Hotel Blanca

Location: Vlasic Mountain


Hotel Blanca Resort & Spa is located in central Bosnia, 26 km from the town of Travnik. The hotel itself is situated at an attractive location of the Babanovac sports centre, at the foot of the former Olympic ski jumping venue. The hotel is open all year round, and during the five winter months is a true oasis for skiers. However, true nature lovers will visit it in the middle of the summer, enjoying the temperate climate and peace of the beautiful nature of Vlasic.
Besides being a place for a unique family vacation, Hotel Blanca Resort & Spa is also a place of business events. Congress capacities of 100 seats with superior technical equipment guarantee the best conditions to hold your event in the Hotel Blanca Resort & Spa. Also, companies and their employees are provided with an unforgettable experience in the form of team building.
The rest of your body and mind will be the task of the superior Wellness & Spa Mount Lhotse zone. This oasis of peace, named after the fourth highest peak of the Himalayas, achieves the basic idea of Hotel Blanca – to provide everything you need for a great holiday in one place. We emphasise that Wellness facilities are included in the price of accommodation.
The gastronomic offer of the hotel is based on the traditional Bosnian and Herzegovinian dishes which you can enjoy in the Mont Blanc restaurant. Named after the highest European peak, the Mont Blanc restaurant offers a high quality gastro-enological experience.

Untouched mountain nature and excellent service are reasons enough to spend a perfect holiday in the only five star hotel in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you visit us just once and experience our magic, you will return again.

Welcome to the Hotel Blanca Resort & Spa, your haven of peace and relaxation!


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