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Sarajevo City Tour

sarajevoSarajevo is a city that makes even foreigners feel like home. Not even the urbanization of the city could take away the charm of the old cafes and a long hospitality tradition. Even though Sarajevo is a capital which implies the dynamic lifestyle, it still has a calm and unique atmosphere which will occupy your soul. This city symbolizes a century old fight against many distinct influences from all sides, but also the acceptance of the best qualities that each influence had to offer, which makes Sarajevo a city with the most diverse culture that can be found in Europe.
Firstly, we will visit the Sarajevo Tunnel (Tunnel of Hope) which is a symbol of the 4-year resistance of the occupied city and its citizens against the genocide and urbicide from 1992 to 1995. After we will show you the unique places and customs of this part of the world and  get to know and experience Sarajevo through a sight-seeing tour. Sarajevo is also known as “European Jerusalem”. It is a blend of the East and the West. Its splendid cultural heritage started in prehistory, got influenced during the Ottoman Empire as well as Austro-Hungarian monarchy during which some of the most beautiful and influential buildings were built, some being symbols of Sarajevo even today. During this tour you will find out why this city is glorified by many and why it has its unique charm.

Price – 25€
transportation, entrance fee to the Tunnel included